Sunday, January 1, 2012


Alright, so I can't figure out how to change the title of this thing, so for now, this will have the title of a cooking blog.  And that's fine, and is something I plan to continue, however, my goals for this space have widened in scope from simply cooking.  Like the rest of America (and perhaps the world) today is a day for the making (and within a week, breaking) resolutions for this new slate of a year.  I'm not overly pessimistic at heart, however, since I'm not a very dedicated person either, I've never had a propensity to even make New Years Resolutions, much less keep them for more than a day or two.  This year, however, I think I've stumbled upon some goals that I'm excited about (attempting!) to maintain.  First of all, I think what I have chosen is not only concrete, but also they are goals I can measure and catch-up with, if need be.

1.) I want to read all the Pulitzer Prize winners (in the literature-fiction category.) Here's a copy of the list (, my one caveat is that I will only be reading books present in my local library system so I can not only have easy access to them, but so that the completion of this goal is not fiscally daunting, and so I can recommend books to patrons!  I am starting with The Magnificent Ambersons (winner for 1919, the 1918 winner is not held by the library... yay?) I will correct my math for accuracy soon, however, I believe that I have about a week to read each book.  I will read at least 1 hour per day per book, and will only continue to the next book after the allotted time (1 week, 1 hour per day) has been exhausted.  I will be re-reading the books that I have read previously, and if I have a copy of the book, I will be reading my personal copy.

2.)  I want to drink (at least) an 8oz glass of water every day.  I do not at this time.  I want to change my default settings, from drinking "anything but water" to actually considering water a viable (and legit) choice!

3.) I am going to try to re-create a new (and optimally, healthy) recipe each week.  I believe (I haven't been keeping track, though) that I am doing this already, however, I want a log of what I try, what techniques succeed, which fail, and what ingredients I tend to use more than others.

I'll probably post here more often in the beginning of this year, however, I really want to keep up with this.  I've never been a diary/journal/ blog person and I think it's a very admirable habit, something I need to become adapted to.  It takes 21 days to make a habit, right? Here's day 1!

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