Sunday, March 27, 2011

nom nom nom

So I got back to Tallanasty today! I'm really trying to change my whole processes, so I got home and immediately put everything away (no more wrinkly clothes for morgan!), made a grocery list, and replaced my air filter!


Some of you all may have heard of my habit, which is reading really skinny vegan runners' food blogs (yes this is a definite genre of blogging!) One of my favorites, really does have some nice recipes!

Today, I made her Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake with a few twists of my own...

Raw Vegan(ish) Chocolate Cake!

1 cup grated fluffy coconut
2 tbsps cocoa
3/4 cup thawed (previously) frozen raspberries
1-2 tsps splenda (or honey, or sugar, whatever you use for sweetener) 
Dash salt

Dallop of light cool whip 
1 tsp strawberry preserves (raspberry would have been stellar and more appropriate and if you have 'em go ahead!) 

Put coconut in blender.  I blended the shit out of it and it still wasn't a smooth consistency.  Warning, even though the coconut isn't fully blended together, this does not really TASTE coconutty so give it a try, even if coconut isn't your style.  After blending coconut for a few minutes, add cocoa, sweetener,  and raspberries and blend until as smooth as possible.  I spooned the mixture into a bowl and threw it in the freezer.  I obviously didn't wait as long as the blogger did (DAMN MY IMPATIENCE) but, I took it out when it was a soft ice cream kind of consistency.  I then put half of the frozen mixture into a small dessert cup and put on the light cool whip & preserves (you can omit if you're being really calorie/point conscious!) 


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  1. You had me at no more wrinkly clothes. Not even the Target skirt?!

    My first boyfriend could be described exactly as a "really skinny vegan runner"... but he ran 100 miles per each shower, ate the proverbial chutes and leaves, and was a terrible health example. He also broke up with me for doing a Jell-O shot.

    In more news you don't care to know, current vegetarian guy and I tried to go vegan last year, and it lasted all of one month. It's so expensive, and soy milk makes my stomach hurt. Maybe your adventures will give me the courage to try again.

    (Seriously... vegetarianism, especially compared to veganism, is easy as pie/a piece of cake/why are all the similes also horrible puns.)