Saturday, March 19, 2011


Spring break has sprung! While my break was (at least I feel) so far away, it's finally here!  Last night I arrived at chez Brickey a la Ocala and I decided to prepare my breakfast ahead of time!

Some of you (i.e. Hooch and Mary) have heard me extol the benefits of vegan overnight oats.  They're easy as hell, you don't have to waste time in the morning making a breakfast (pouring cereal is such a chore! ha haaaaaa), and if you make it in a tupperware (like I do) you can just slap an ill-fitting lid on it, and out the door you go!  A good accompaniment to this is some iced coffee, you can put a cup (with a lie of course) of coffee in the fridge, put some ice and whatever accoutrements you desire, and there's your to-go breakfast!

VEGAN OVERNIGHT OATS (the picture is made with pure pumpkin added in!) 

1/2 cup rolled oats (I used publix brand or quaker old-fashioned)
3/4 cup almond milk (you can use whatever milk you desire, but the almond/soy adds sweetness without artificial sweetener)
2 tbsp chia seeds*
1 tsp honey
Banana/ Peanut butter/ Pure Pumpkin/ granola/ the kitchen sink

Measure out oats, incorporate with milk (or milk substitute) and the chia seeds.  Put in refrigerator. 

YES IT IS DONE! Leave it in fridge overnight, and you'll see the consistency change! The chia seeds are almost like a tapioca in the fact that they absorb the liquid, and they have a nice crunch as well! I like to add a cut up banana over mine when I take them out in the morning.  Sometimes I'll add vanilla extract, and for extra sweetness I add the honey.  With the pumpkin overnight oats that I have in the picture, I added 1/3 cup of the pure pumpkin (NOT PUMPKIN PIE FILLING, PURE PUMPKIN!) before refrigeration.  If you open a can of pure pumpkin and aren't a wastrel you can put the remaining pumpkin in a ziplock, and freeze!

*Chia seeds.  Now I HATE buying little healthy shits for just 1 or 2 tablespoons of the ingredient, however, these seeds can be put in almost anything and are SO HEALTHY (and really not that expensive, I got a bag at the local vitamin shop for like, $7.) I would recommend getting off your lazy ass and getting some pronto! 

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